Friday, December 28, 2012

Carmen Electra

 Carmen Electra has a full name, Tara Leigh Patrick, was born on date, 20 April, 1972, Carmen Electra is an American actress, singer, model, dancer and a citizen of the United States, became famous while playing in major films such as Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans, porn Carmen Electra, born in Sharonville, Ohio. He is a career in the film world since 1997, when Carmen Electra's career is very successful at all, Carmen Electra has beautiful breasts, the vagina has a graceful and pleasing to see that the vagina Carmen Electra in on the bird man, Carmen Electra was once a photo model adult magazine, Playboy, Carmen Electra at the time photos and pictures taken naked, in 2013 know, Carmen Electra will play a porn film with Brad Pitt, before becoming the most famous celebrity ever to be a prostitute, Carmen Electra are dating and sex as celebrities, Carmen Electra in the history of life is like the same kind or Lesbian.

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