Saturday, November 3, 2012

Suri Cruise

At the age of six years old, Suri Cruise has made a big step, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have started to preach this in learning Mandarin, so at the beginning of September is new to Suri Cruise. Because this little girl can enjoy the atmosphere in a public school for the first one, divorce does not make the life of Tom Cruise stops, recently divorced with Katie Holmes, 50 years old actor was seen with another woman.

Since the divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes does look more bold about the choice of clothing. soon, Suri Cruise will begin school as a student at an elite school. but its presence in the World School even cause parents concern. Why?
reason for this concern can be said is quite odd, parents who feel their children like Suri, fearing his son would come to be the target of paparazzi.

Post-divorce with Tom Cruise, many new things are done Katie Holmes, One way is to hook up with ex-boyfriend, Joshua Jackson.
As reported by Contactmusic, they had several times on the telephone. Joshua also said he was happy to talk again with Katie Holmes.

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